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MEGABAT Pistol Crossbow

First in the world

Ballista Megabat is the only full size crossbow in the world with a built-in self-retracting cord tensioner.

the fastest loading

Megabat crossbow is the fastest loading crossbow in the world! This opens the door to many possibilities.

High velocity

Ballista Megabat reaches a speed of 420 fps, allowing it to hunt any animal in North America.

Unique adjustment

Thanks to the elements used in the design of the crossbow, it was possible to achieve stable shots at long distances

Incredible stability

Due to the innovative engineering and design of the crossbow, it is incredibly accurate and stable at long distances.

the purpose of Ballista
megabat Crossbow



full size crossbow
reliable and stable

only full size crossbow in the world with a built-in self-retracting cord tensioner

This crossbow is a game changer, offering the best of both worlds – the stability of a crossbow and the ease of handling and loading of a bow. Thanks to the innovative loading system, the process is quick, easy, and noiseless!
The most powerful

A Crossbow That
Exceeds Expectations

Due to the high tension force and the use of modern materials, this crossbow provides high penetration, which is critically important when hunting big game.

You can use it not only for recreation, sports, but also for various types of hunting or even for self-defense!

megabat crossbow
innovative system crossbow loading
Affordable and convenient

Innovative system of crossbow loading

This innovative loading system makes the crossbow more accessible to a wide range of users, including those who may not have great physical strength, such as young shooters, women or the elderly. In addition, they enhance the overall safety and usability of the crossbow.


  • Draw weight of bow limb 330 lbs
  • Velocity 420 fps
  • Weight 8.92 lbs
  • Length 29"
  • Length (with stirrup) 33"
  • Width Axle to Axle Cocked 9.1"
  • Width Axle to Axle Uncocked 12.9"
  • Power-Stroke 10.6"
  • Pull rod draw weight 110 lbs
A well-aimed guy

Extremely Accurate

If you’re looking for a crossbow that is not only powerful, but also accurate our crossbow is a fantastic option. The MegaBat is designed for those who appreciate excellence in every shot. The MegaBat is more than just a weapon, but a tool of the highest precision, capable of meeting most demanding requirements. Thanks to advanced technology and exquisite engineering, our crossbow provides exceptional accuracy, and stability.

The high Accuracy crossbow
Innovative system of crossbow loading
The perfect companion

Why the Mega BAt is the best option for you

The MegaBat is made out of high quality materials, and is equipped with powerful limbs, its also engineered to be extremely stable allowing for maximum precision. Wether hunting from the blind or tree stand, you can always rely on the MegaBat to perform well. With its powerful limbs, and innovative cocking mechanism the MegaBat will ensure you get the most out of every hunt.

Innovative Development

Patented cocking system

Forget the struggles of cocking a crossbow. With our unique, patented system, you can reduce the cocking effort by three times when reloading, making the process smooth and effortless. Now, everyone can feel like a master archer, regardless of their physical conditioning.

We take pride in the fact that Megabat is designed with all the latest innovations in crossbow technology.

crossbow self cocking system
Unique bolts

Arrows for hunting & Self-defense

Carbon fiber crossbow arrows, also known as bolts, are a key component for effective shooting and hunting. These bolts provide the perfect blend of weight, strength and flexibility. Thanks to the fletching the bolts are stable in flight, the carbon makes for a durable bolt. The Bolts can be equipped with various broad-heads allowing the user to shoot his or her favorite broadhead for maximum damage.

Properly selected arrows increase the chances of success in hunting and accuracy when target shooting.

Arrows for hunting Self defense

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ready for hunting

Ideal for hunting

Because of the built in cocking mechanism your able to cock the MegaBat in a fraction of a second. This means you’ll spend less time fidgeting with your crossbow and other accessories, and more time in pursuit. With the MegaBats powerful limbs its shooting at 420 feet per second, which ensures ethical and lethal kills.

Hunting is a great way to put food on the table, and connect with nature. It is important that the weapon you choose to use, is reliable and deadly. The MegaBat will maximize the time you spend hunting, and minimize the time searching for your kill.

ideal crossbow for hunting

All features

  • High speed 420 fps
  • High power 330 lbs
  • Length (with stirrup) 33″
  • Width Axle to Axle Cocked 9.1″
  • Pull rod draw weight 110 lbs
  • Scope 4×32
  • Sniper ventilated trigger guard
  • Can be loaded without a winch
  • Removable front stirrup-bracket, attachable to the foundation
  • Removable forend with foldable ventilated tactical grip and finger guards
  • Unique milled crash-resistant blocks with a half moon sample of a part of the rotation sector
  • The crossbow is versatile in terms of ammunition: it can shoot arrows with any type of nock and with any arrow fletching.
  • Unique milled crash-resistant cams with a half moon sample of a part of the rotation sector
  • Automatically retractable silent tensioner
  • Rear safety latch
  • Instant silent reloading
  • Swinging lever shoulders
  • Metal steel pocket with alloy steel hooks
  • Metal milled aircraft-aluminum rail
  • Removable steel block
  • Fully collapsible
  • Can be used for bowfishing
  • Rail two-way lock Weaver
  • Handle replacement is possible

Package includes

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Scope 4x32

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crossbow bolts

3 Bolts

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User Manual

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