Experience the fun of target shooting with a compact, yet powerful crossbow!

Try crossbow Target Shooting for pure enjoyment

The innovative system in the Bat and Bat Reverse makes it easy for anyone to load the crossbow. Just pull the handle and cock the crossbow. Only a few seconds and it’s ready to fire. The cocking system is designed to make sure that the maximum force applied over the entire length of the stroke does not exceed 40 pounds. This makes the Ballista BAT and Bat Reverse the first and only crossbows ideal for recreational shooting.

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Exciting entertainment for all ages

Recreational crossbow shooting, an exhilarating activity that merges entertainment with skill, has been captivating enthusiasts of all ages. With its unique appeal and enjoyable nature, crossbow shooting offers an unforgettable experience that keeps participants coming back for more.

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The Ballista Bat is an excellent choice for small game hunting and for entertainment. If you want to have a fun time with friends and family or go hunting, for example, rabbits or bobcats, then the Ballista Bat will not disappoint you. And of course, bowfishing – even teenagers can do it with this crossbow!

The Ballista Bat Reverse, while remaining as convenient and compact as the regular Bat, provides you with more opportunities. It’s for big game hunting, such as boars, deer or bears at distances of up to 25-30 yards. More power, speed, and penetration if you need it!

Find out more about the model that suits you best

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