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We design and sell products that we use ourselves

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you can’t find what you want, then make it yourself”. This is exactly we sought out to do.

A few years ago one of us, being very passionate about archery, was looking for an alternative to the bow and crossbow. Something more compact, versatile and made for all occasions. Something like a pocket knife but for archery. We didn’t want to develop a gun because that’s a completely different domain with its own pros and cons. We wanted to stay in the realm of archery with its inherent authenticity and magic. Those who ever tried shooting a bow or crossbow understand the feeling.

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Looking for the perfect pistol crossbow

Essentially, we were looking for a pistol crossbow. Although there were many different pistol crossbows on the market, it was very difficult to find one that met our needs. Some were great for fun but not sufficient for hunting because they didn’t provide enough power. Others had more power and velocity but in turn were very bulky and close in dimensions to the full sized crossbows.

As a result, having tried different crossbows, we realized that the crossbow we’re looking for simply doesn’t exist. In other words, we were looking for a small crossbow that would be easy and convenient to load, one that even children and teenagers could use. It would be as compact as possible (able to fit in a regular backpack) and at the same time have enough power and speed to be used for hunting.

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Image- - BALLISTA Crossbows for Fishing, Hunting and Entertainment
Depositphotos_ _xl- - BALLISTA Crossbows for Fishing, Hunting and Entertainment

Performing an impossible task

On first thought, the task of creating such a crossbow is complex and seems impossible. This didn’t stop us though and we accepted the challenge. How could we convey that something that was created as a means survival for our ancestors can be used today for hunting and fun with family and friends? How could we popularize archery so that people understand that it’s not difficult at all and that anyone can do it? Ultimately, we understood that not everyone would be shooting a bow but having a compact crossbow in the house is fun, simple and affordable. This brought us to our motto: «A crossbow for every home».

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Why not firearms?

Unlike firearms, which require you to go to a shooting range or for you to have one at your property, archery can be done at home. For the most part, you’re likely okay to shoot some arrows on your own private property (however, always check your state, county, and city laws). This means you won’t need to go somewhere every time you want to shoot and buy expensive ammunition. You also wouldn’t have to worry about any loud shots that could frighten or disturb your neighbors. In other words, this is a unique experience available to anyone.
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crossbow for every home

Armed with the idea of “a crossbow for every home”, we began to look for opportunities to create the ideal crossbow.

First, after analyzing all the products on the market, we realized that it was necessary to create a compound crossbow. All existing models had recurve limbs, which imposed restrictions both in terms of dimensions and velocity.

Besides, most of the existing crossbows had a complex cocking system requiring special devices for it. Some had built in cocking mechanisms but they required more effort. We understood that we needed some way to address these issue as well.

Hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, progress and mistakes have led us to the version of the crossbow that is now sold on our website and through dealers across the United States. This pistol crossbow has become a favorite gadget in many families getting both children and adults away from screens. Beyond doubt, this is the world’s first compound pistol crossbow that met all our requirements and needs.

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Thanks to our experience both in archery and in launching other products we, together with our partners, were able to optimize our costs and make the price affordable for everyone without sacrificing any quality. A crossbow with a $1,000 price tag wouldn’t be as popular. For obsessed people like us, this would be a big obstacle in accomplishing our mission.

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Our values and plans

What is the secret of our success? We test do real world testing of everything that we design and sell. We love it and we live it. It’s not just a business but in a sense, an extension of ourselves.

When doing business there are two kinds of choices: doing what is profitable and doing what is right. The first way can work but not for long. The second way is not only ethical but also effective in the long run. This is our approach because we are here to stay.

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The story goes on

After the pistol crossbow Ballista BAT, we launched a number of other products. This includes a reverse draw version of the crossbow, unique highly penetrating and easily adjustable bolts, various equipment that expands the functions of a crossbow and bowfishing accessories.

We’re working on many more concepts so stay in touch, follow our updates on the website and let’s be friends on social media. The story goes on, and the best is yet to come.

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