BALLISTA 2-Vanes Fletching Jig


Fletching Jig 2-Vanes 5.5-6mm micro-diameter arrows
Compatible with BALLISTA STING bolts, BALLISTA Practice Bolts, BALLISTA FRACTURA hunting arrows

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  • The only fletching jig on the market designed specifically for double fletching arrows/bolts for 6mm OD shafts
  • The fastest and most convenient fletching jig for two fletching bolts
  • Great for Ballista “Sting” bolts
  • Easy to experiment with different fletching (change them if necessary)
  • No need to throw away your arrows because you can easily fix them with fletching jig
  • Extremely compact size of the fletching jig compared to other bulky fletching jig (convenient to take with you)
Sizes (inch):

L 4.6, H 0.64, D 0.72


18 gram



Designed for use

6mm outside diameter shaft only

Number of feathers:



any crossbows with an outer bolt diameter of 6mm


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