World's smallest compound
pistol crossbow



Easy to carry, fits even in a small backpack


Shoots heavy bolts with a broadhead


Speed of up to 330 fps allows you to use the crossbow not only for fun, but also for hunting


It weighs like a medium-sized binoculars, so hands do not get tired when shooting

Quick reloading

Thanks to a number of know-how, loading the crossbow is quick, easy and noiseless

Use with any scopes

Picatinny rail is compatible with almost all optics on the market. You can put a red dot sight, a scope or a laser sight.

What is the purpose
Crossbow Ballista BAT




The fastest

The world's fastest compound pistol crossbow

Ballista BAT is the world’s lightest crossbow with an arrow speed of up to 330 FPS. The unique design of the crossbow uses additional polistpasses of the sliderless cable system – the least amount of friction between parts among all crossbows. The minimum of plastic parts. The possibility of changing the position of the polistpasses provides for an algorithm for self-accelerating the crossbow above the nominal value.

The most powerful

The world's most powerful Compound pistol crossbow

Ballista BAT is the only compound crossbow pistol with 120lbs limbs as standard. This significantly expands the scope of the crossbow’s application. You can use this crossbow not only for recreation, sports and entertainment, but also for various types of hunting.

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smaller in width than a human hand!

The width of the crossbow when loaded is even less than the average palm of a person. It is so convenient in use that sometimes it may seem like you’re using a handgun instead of a crossbow. Forget the uncomfortable bulky devices and enjoy shooting!

When disassembled, fits into a 5x10x25cm case.



Ballista BAT crossbow does not need a special case. It is so compact that it fits into a regular 30 liter backpack that you probably already have at home. Unlike other crossbows, Ballista BAT will not stick out or hang from your backpack, creating a lot of inconvenience for you.

the lightest


Ballista BAT is the world’s lightest compound pistol crossbow. At the same time, it’s completely made out of metal (except for the plastic handle). It’s very easy to carry with you. Hands don’t get tired at all, even when shooting for a long time. Have fun shooting and don’t fight with the heavy weight!
(It weighs as little as medium sized binoculars.)

Crossbow’s weight:
With body kit – 2,46 lb,
Without body kit – 1.9 lb.

for the first time in crossbows

Innovative system of crossbow loading

Loading a crossbow has never been easier. Ballista BAT is the only crossbow in the world with a built-in self-retracting cord tensioner. With this technology, loading the crossbow is quick, easy and noiseless! Therefore, even women and teens can easily handle this crossbow.

In cramped conditions, this system allows for instant and silent reloading that hunters will appreciate.

Unique ammunition

Arrows for entertainment
& hunting

Ballista BAT is the only pistol crossbow that can be used with arrows for both casual shooting and hunting. The crossbow is versatile in ammunition; it can shoot arrows, harpoons and darts, with both flat and crescent rear nock, and both standard minimized and conventional arrow fletching.

The Ballista STING versatile hunting ammunition has been designed specifically for the crossbow. At the heart of these arrows is a highly penetrating 6mm carbon shaft and penetrator adapter inserts with which you can use any hunting broadheads on the market.

For fun

For training

For hunting

what our customers say

It's been a week since I bought the Ballista Bat! I'm still so excited, this is the best pistol-type crossbow, no other crossbows of this type can compare. The crossbow is light and compact, yet very powerful.

Robert Khan

I measured the speed myself and the device showed 302 fps! For contrast, I have another wonderful crossbow - Cobra R9 with reinforced shoulders, and it only gives 254 fps with a light dart. Those who are looking for compactness and power should definitely get the Ballista Bat - it's currently one of its kind.

Devan Evans

Bought Ballista Bat for bow fishing. Even with a coil, it fits into a backpack without problem. This is a completely different experience as opposed to a bow - I put the crossbow in the trunk of my car and I can go shoot anytime.

Corey Williamson
ready to game

precision Red Dot sight

The crossbow can be equipped with a high-precision red dot sight, which will ensure you always hit accurately. Unlike some cheap red dot sights, the Ballista Red dot is easy to adjust and its settings do not shift, with special protective covers that will keep the sight glass safe.

Ready for body kit

Weaver universal mount

Removable metal double-sided rail two-way upper fastening lock Weaver has two levels of adjustment in two planes (in addition to the stepwise adjustment of the bar itself, the entire foundation of the lock moves back and forth, up and down on both sides) allowing you to stably fix the sighting device in different positions.

ready to bowfishing

Ideal for bowfishing

Ballista BAT can be used for bow fishing by installing a regular spinning reel or a special bow fishing one.
To do this, you need to use the standard Bowfishing Reel Seat Mount which is installed on the front stop (bracket-stirrup)

All features

Package includes



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