Bowfishing Kit Durability Test: Ballista Bat Crossbow Unveiled

Bowfishing Kit Durability: An In-depth Review of the Ballista Bat Crossbow

In search of a durable, high-quality crossbow for bowfishing? Dive into our comprehensive review and durability test of the Ballista BowFishing Kit and Bat Crossbow. This article showcases the resilience and robustness of this top-tier bowfishing kit, making it a prime choice for those looking to buy a crossbow for bowfishing.

The Durability Test

Albert, a representative from Ballista Archery, embarked on a rigorous test to assess the Ballista BowFishing Kit’s durability. The evaluation involved shooting the bow around 50 times consecutively, emphasizing the string’s durability, bolts, and the crossbow’s overall build.

Test Observations

  • Initial Shots: After about 15 shots, the importance of opening the spool before shooting became evident. Without doing so, arrows could launch unpredictably.
  • Midway Through: By the halfway mark, a slight loosening of the Picatinny rail was observed. However, this is a minor issue, easily rectifiable with the appropriate tools. The string and the bow’s overall structure remained in impeccable condition.
  • End of Test: Approaching the 40-shot mark, the bolt’s stopper broke off, likely from repeated target impact. Yet, the string showcased no wear signs, emphasizing its durability.


After a series of 50 shots, the Ballista BowFishing Kit and Bat Crossbow stood as a testament to durability. With the strings and cables in pristine condition, the only notable concerns were the bolts losing their tips and the Picatinny rail’s slight loosening. These minor issues are easily addressable, making this bowfishing kit a reliable choice for both novices and seasoned bowfishers.

Ready to Elevate Your Bowfishing Experience?

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