Ballista Crossbow for Bowfishing: Addressing String Breakage Issues

Ballista Crossbow for Bowfishing: Solving the Issue of Breaking Strings

In the dynamic world of bowfishing, the durability of equipment is paramount. A prevalent concern among bowfishers is the unexpected breakage of crossbow strings. This article dives deep into this issue, offering a solution and valuable tips, especially for those using the Ballista crossbow for bowfishing.

Identifying the Problem

While enjoying a bowfishing session, encountering a broken crossbow string can be a dampener. Some bowfishers might face this more often, with strings breaking multiple times during a single outing.

The Solution: Sanding Down the Corners

Ballista Archery presents a straightforward remedy. The initial step involves sanding down the sharp corners of the bolts. These edges, though not always visible, can be discerned upon close inspection. The objective is to smoothen these sharp facets.

The Process

For this, arm yourself with sandpaper and a petite file. Use the file to refine the nocks and make the necessary modifications. Wrapping the sandpaper around the bolt, concentrate on the edges. After a while, the edges should feel rounded and smooth.

Additional Tips

Beyond sanding, several other measures can mitigate string breakage:

  • Ensure the bolt doesn’t entangle around the reel. Utilize an eye guard to secure your string or compact your bat to minimize the string’s interference.
  • While shooting, confirm the bolt is fully inserted and the spool is open. Post-shooting, avoid reeling the string too slackly. Instead, position your hand ahead of the reel, applying slight tension. This action prevents the spool line from loosening excessively and tangling, which might cause the bolt to dislodge.


These strategies should effectively address the string breakage concerns with Ballista BowFishing Crossbows. Always remember to smoothen your bolt corners and maintain consistent tension during reeling. Should you encounter further challenges, Ballista Archery’s dedicated customer service is at your beck and call, ensuring an enhanced bowfishing experience.

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