Universal X

Premium quality
for affordable price

The Ballista Universal X is the best value for money in the compound bow market. We designed this bow to answer one very difficult question: “If a person could buy only one bow for different purposes, what kind of bow would it be?” Ballista Universal X is the best answer to this question.


For right-handed and left-handed shooters

One of the main perks of this model is its versatility: it’s designed for right-handed and left-handed shooters. In fact, it is the world’s first left-right-handed bow. You don’t even have to turn over the shelves and sights for the wrong hand. Instead, you can simply put them on the other side, which makes this versatile bow more convenient not only for shooting from the other side, but also when the sides of the leading hand and the leading eye do not match – an opportunity not provided by any other bow.

No bow press needed

This model includes a lot of adjustments and a wide variety of settings, without the need for auxiliary modules and a press. In other words, you don’t need to take it to a specialised store and pay money to change the settings of the bow. You can easily do it yourself.

a bow for everyone

With the ability to adjust the draw length (24 – 30 inches), the Universal X bow is suitable for people with any anthropometry. In other words, the bow can be adjusted for both teenagers and adults.

high speed

The flight speed of the standard arrow in the Universal X bow reaches 310 fps, which allows the bow to be used for fun, hunting, and pretty much anything!


Many bows do not have a comfortable frame geometry. The Universal X bow is very compact, with a center-to-center distance of only 30 inches. This makes shooting with this bow comfortable in any scenario. In addition, there’s a special carrying grip on the bow’s handle, which both hunters and beginners will appreciate.

light, ergonomic handle

The ergonomics of the handle, made of magnesium alloy with a polymer lining on the palm, will allow you to comfortably hold the bow in your hands, which will facilitate the archer’s task and improve the accuracy of shots. Weighs only 4.2 lb.

patented cable retraction system

When designing this model, the engineers patented a roller system for cable retraction. Its trick is due to the two rollers that pull the cables in different directions, creating a kind of “window” for the arrow. This feature extends the rope life and increases the speed of the bow.

Ability to participate in competitions

The 7.5 – inch base makes this bow very soft and precise, making it easy to participate in archery competitions.

Ready to use

The bow comes in a complete set, so you won’t need to purchase anything else to start shooting. Sight, shelf, release, stabilizer, etc., will provide a quick start into the world of archery.

Ballista Universal x



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