BALLISTA STING 13″ Hunting Carbon Bolts for Ballista Bat Pistol Crossbow (6 pack)


  • Compatible with Ballista BAT, Ballista BAT Reverse crossbows and other pistol crossbows
  • 13″/325mm Bolt Length
  • 11″/279mm Shaft Length
  • Carbon Shaft
  • OD 6mm/0.24″
  • ID 4.2mm/0.166″
  • Aluminum Penetrator Insert for Hunting Broadheads
  • Spine 400
  • Half-Moon Nock, Field Tip
  • Pack of 6

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The only ones in the world!
The one and only! The Ballista Sting is the only versatile pistol crossbow bolt on the market with a .244 micro-diameter shaft. No need to compromise between speed, accuracy and penetration.

Best penetration
Thanks to their micro-diameter, the Ballista Sting bolts enter the target with ease. Experiments have shown that, compared to standard diameter (.296), micro-diameter shafts increase penetration by up to 25%!

Use with any tips
The only micro-diameter bolts in the world that you can use with any tips. You have the full freedom to customize.

Practice & hunt 
Penetrator insert at the wide part comes in a standard size, which allows for any broadhead to be used.

Reduced wind drift
Micro-diameter shaft significantly reduces the effect of wind and other factors during the arrow’s flight. Therefore, you increase the arrow’s stability in the flight and, as a result, the accuracy of the shot.

Bolt weight adjustment
You can replace the original aluminum insert with a brass or steel to increase the bolt’s weight.

Fast speed 
All bolts naturally slow down as they move forward because of the friction of the air they are passing through. Micro-diameter bolts maintain their speed better during descent. For crossbow hunting, arrow speed is one of the key factors.

Don’t Slash it… Drill it 
Placing more mass on the front of the arrow (F.O.C.-Front-of-Center) and the rigidity of the micro shafts improves the flight of the arrow with a “quiter” and consistent shot

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 2.25 × 1.5 in


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