World's Fastest Reverse Compound Crossbow Under $449


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why Ballista Advent reverse
crossbow is the future

Minimum recoil when shooting

Reverse draw system significantly improves tactical characteristics of crossbow shooting

perfect weights balance

By shifting the pad back from the front of the crossbow, perfect balance is achieved

easy aiming

The center of gravity of the crossbow is located between the forend and the grip for easy aiming.

more shooting accuracy

Achieved by eliminating two kinematic blows (blocks moving forward, and bowstrings on suppressors).

very compact

The parallel arrangement of the arms of the crossbow in the cocked state makes it as compact as possible

higher speed

Parallel arms and shortened guide allow the use of short arrows that have a higher shooting speed than that of standard ones.

Excellent tactical ergonomics

Excellent-tactical-ergonomics- - BALLISTA Crossbows for Fishing, Hunting and Entertainment

tensioner hook

The upper hook of the tensioner is quickly accessible, the bowstring tensioner has ergonomic pistol grips and is equipped with a metal horseshoe hook.

Trigger Guard

The newest trigger guard is equipped with plasticized fire-safe switch flag heads and trigger mechanism with protection against a blank shot. Trigger tail travel and trigger pull are the lowest among all crossbows on the market.

classic hunting stock

It is achieved by using a classic hunting applied part with a removable heel and cheek pads, lower anti-slip ridges, a rubberized ridge forearm, a rubberized anatomical handle, which provides reliable, precise grip and is most valuable in wintertime for hunting with a crossbow.

Frame- - BALLISTA Crossbows for Fishing, Hunting and Entertainment

quick release Quiver

The quick-release swivel-type quiver with a soft bottom fastening provides quiet removal and loading of arrows, has a rubber counterhead with multi-position sockets for broadheads. Fixed on a removable stepless bar, which allows for stepless adjustment of its position along the guide.

High quality optical sight

A high-quality optical sight with a big focal length allows you to set the sight with a maximum extension forward. This ensures the correct position for the shooter, and the presence of a large optical sighting base that increases the accuracy of sighting and shooting, and allows you to aim without moving your eyes to the eyepiece.

Optical-sight - BALLISTA Crossbows for Fishing, Hunting and Entertainment
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Assembling / disassembling of the crossbow made easier

The assembly and disassembly of the crossbow has been significantly simplified, all the fastening bolts have been strengthened, the concept of a single L-shaped key for the shoulders has been applied, pads and stirrups, and a faceted head for oblique rotation and removal of flared bolts.

Package Included

  • 4×32 optic with scalometric reticle
  • 3x carbon arrows
  • Quiver brings arrows
  • Front stoppers
  • Сocking aid
  • Manual book
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Ballista Advent

best crossbow for hunting

A crossbow for hunting any animal without any limits on the object of hunting, at all distances corresponding to the shooting distances from a hunting smoothbore firearm.


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